Hold On

Story Behind The Song

20 something woman wondering if she can make it through a discouraging time, though the woman was me.

Song Description

20 something woman wondering if she can make it through a discouraging time

Song Length 4:03 Genre Folk - Contemporary, Rock - Alternative
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Nonviolent, Anxious Subject Hope, Spirituality
Similar Artists Kate Bush, R.E.M. Language English
Era 1990 - 1999



everybody needs some time to hurt
acceptance of the soul's pain
appreciate when all falls into place
count your blessings, baby, one by one

try to rest, give yourself some time to breathe
nothing wanted comes easily
give it time and don't start giving up
well, what if "my time" never comes

i'm just disheartened, losing sleep
take me to my safe place
wrapped in daddy's arms
he says i can do anything
i know, it's so close

hold, hold on- just a little longer
all things pass and this will too
hold, hold on- just a little longer
can you catch me if i fall, he said, "always"

how can i explain the constant pull
the want of letting go
my own soul trys to run off on her own
without a body to keep her warm
who am i to think i can change the world
all i offer is a song
a string of words for the ragged worn and thin
don't we all hunger for sympathy?

scratching clawing knawing on the bone of my existence
if i can make a meal from scraps and shreds
i can do anything
it's so close

Ac 2001 MyShyTune Music Publishing

Lyrics Denise Barbarita Music Denise Barbarita
Producer Denise Barbarita Publisher MyShyTune Music Publishing
Performance Denise Barbarita, Rich Kulsar-Drums, Ludaize-Organ, Leah coloff-Cello Label MyShyTune Music

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