Ceremony of Darkness is a dark rock/metal band who mixes emotional tones with intense imagery to create a unique experience for their listeners. Their debut album "13" was named Best Metal/Hardcore Album of 2010 in the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards, and "The Surgeon of New Orleans" was nominated for best Metal song in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The title track from Ceremony of Darkness' new album "Flesh of the Witch" has also been nominated for Best Metal Song in the 2013 Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Still, don't let the "metal" label fool you, as C.O.D also delivers songs songs like Breathless and Mandrake Root that create a deeply sensual and melodic feel.

Eric P. Hall, the front man of Ceremony of Darkness also writes music in various other genres. With 20 years of writing and performing experience he composes songs in the singer/songwriter, folk, country, adult contemporary, rock, and metal genres.

Latest News

Ceremony of Darkness released the conceptual album "Flesh of the Witch" in 2013, and the title track has already been nominated for Best Metal Song in the 2013 HMMA's. The album follows the journey of a damaged and dangerous man and his love affair with a condemned witch.

Eric Hall has also begun recording for a melodic album set to be released in 2014.

Eric P. Hall

Eric P. Hall is a song writer with over 20 years of writing and performing experience. While he spends much of his time running Grave Robber Records LLC and fronting the award winning hard rock/metal band Ceremony of Darkness, he also composes music in various genres including, singer/songwriter, folk, rock, country, adult contemporary, and other genres.

Ceremony of Darkness

Born in Champaign, IL, Ceremony of Darkness is comprised of members unique even among their brethren inhabiting the underworld. With backgrounds in literature, music theory, the military, and even boxing, the members of Ceremony of Darkness are as varied as the tracks on their debut, award winning album "13". Featuring songs as brutal as The Surgeon of New Orleans and as mellow as Breathless, "13" leads the listener on a journey through the diverse chambers of the soul. Bleeding with emotion and intensity Ceremony of Darkness endeavors to capture the honesty of expression lurking within dark recesses of the human experience.

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