Boris bore a band Maximum Rock N Roll said “Wallop’s you in the face like a wet fish” and Boris self proclaims as “The Band that inspired “Stop The Music”. While Warren Peace molested his fretless bass with punk, jazz and funk lines leaving Boris with screaming guitar riffs and building a “Big Sound” through his custom double amp rig. Combine those ingredients with awkward timing, rude and ill mannered lyrics, and you are listening to “Boorish Boot”.

Currently Boris teamed up with long time friend Martin Gerlach and in this present day continues with the Boorish Boot.
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Latest News

Currently finishing up re-mixing / mastering of the following albums"
"Crunch Time" 2018,  "Prohibition Is Over" 2015

New Album "Screams" coming by year end 2022 (Almost Finished)

New Cover for Re-Issue of "Death Mission" on New Vinyl with additional material unreleased on original.
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