Music is in the blood. Were, plugged in, tuned up, and have a muse that needs to be fed! After living the music through all these years and all these stages, living a dream throughout the states, we're ecstatic to be here, for this moment, this show, this song. Thank you for feeding our addiction.

One of the last of the analogue kids, Michael Kranicke founder of the VOODOO KINGS grew up when listening to music meant dropping a needle or listening to the radio; feeding on rock n roll that had harmony and melody. With their roots in Chicago blues and 3 part harmony, VDK was born and screamed out power rock n roll.

VDK has changed their narrative while sustaining the passion for the song, for the first chord, for the wall of sound, for he rush, for the girls, for the addiction to music that all like to never lose.

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Voted one of the Best Unsigned Bands in Chicago!
Illinois Entertainer, January 2004

"...a band that ranks among the bright lights on the Chicago music scene.”
Kevn Toelle, Illinois Entertainer

“Without question a must see and hear for anyone who wants to get their funky roots/rock groove on.”
Joseph Filipak,


Voted one of the best - unsigned bands in Chicago!
Illinois Entertainer

Thank you for feeding our addiction! We're plugged in, tuned up, and have a muse that is needs satisfying. We've been playing, for as long as we can remember. Music has taken us places that we never thought we would travel to and we look forward to where it leads.

Living and breathing this music over all these years, on so many stages throughout the States, has been like a dream. And we're ecstatic to be here now -- for this moment, this show, and this song.

After so many miles, the VDK narrative has evolved and expanded. But unchanged remains their passion for the song, that first chord, and the rush that deep music addiction delivers.

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Jeff Rauschl
over 30 days ago to VOODOO KINGS

Those horns are on Fire on Animal. This song is READY FOR PRIME TIME! HOT DAMN!

over 30 days ago to VOODOO KINGS

VOODOO KINGS music is now available on Virgin Americas in-flight entertainment show "Music Discovered'.. you can find it on episode 3. And the VOODOO KINGS will be appearing live at the Montrose Room at the Hotel Intercontinental, 5100 N River Road, Rosemont, Il on July 15th, 2011. Come on out and see what the buzz is about

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