New sound from the underground... 711 is a mix of sounds from artist with different musical backgrounds. DJ/Producer Ursa Olip is influenced from RAP, Techno & House music, carrying years of experience in music production, DJing and MCing she also has a passion and natural ability in graphic design. DJ/Producer Alja Knez comes from a Dark and Electro background. Since late 1998 she's been involved with the Ljubljana underground electronic music scene. Their music production consists of various experimental sounds. Girls from 711 are pushing to take the music forward in different directions, having the insight, the experience and the drive to create something you have never heard before, so stay tuned...
Girls consider their friends Agent Mushroom and Shakyamuni as great mentors.

Music is what feelings sound like!

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Record Labels we work with:
- Coalition Records (USA/Europe)
- Messerheld Netlabel (Germany)
- Incense Records (Spain)
- Tainted Buddah (Spain)
- BomBeatz Music (USA)
- Venture Records (Turkey) // collaboration in progress
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