Born in Atlanta, Georgia, August 25, 1981. I grew up expressing entrepreneurial-ship and proud sense of being independent. ??During my adolescence I was taught music theory with orchestral instruments.

About my music: My sound is influenced by many art forms, some are, the artist(s) Madonna, lady gaga, and the producer(s) Pharrell Williams, Nate "Danja Handz" Hills, and Kanye West... The production tools i use enable me to create a similar sound in detail, yet, not- too- exact. My focus and faith in god, my abilities as a producer and professional sense of business will lead me exactly into the chosen career path I've always wanted. Giving thanks to the creator, i have been blessed to work within the field that i love most, and aptly apply what i have learned- to build a world brand. ??

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priscilla guzman
over 30 days ago to Will Burns

I like your beats, in All Night, I can visualize Justin Timberlake singing to it and in Play a Game I can picture Timberland with a girl singer

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