I am just a happy alien from planet AOK, that is finally able to devote myself to my music. I do not classify my sounds into any one category and like to explore many genre's. I believe through music artists will change the world and I hope to be amongst those that made our world a more peaceful, happy place.

Who's Alien Larry by MerrilyMary

That is the mystery, even to himself, He can be almost anything your heart desires, he is the brutal conscience on your left shoulder and the one that lifts the spirits, shouting from the right.

Alien Larry is the guy down the block that always waves, and the guy that drinks mineral spirits while hearing sounds in his head.

His home Planet AOK (A ock) is green, hazy, and full of love and laughs, and Larry came to share, but is learning from the TV that people here like to get their own and sharing is a difficult concept,

This and other observations he see's daily are put into sounds that he hopes will energize the souls on earth, while not being zapped by a kid making waffles.

More to come, ask Larry anything, you will get the brutal truth with a smile, enjoy the music,

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over 30 days ago to WhosAlienLarry

The huminoides are reply starting to love Larry the only alien with out a job but not 4long got a due ofers fore landscape teqnolajist and that makes it worth it to you my fee nds of earth bringing smile wazz worth the mils I'm a natchiroll
you're coment thanks agin

whos alien larry
over 30 days ago to WhosAlienLarry

You fuck in rock alien larry u have a style all your own so sick keep it up want to see and he hear more alien larry fuck yeah

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to WhosAlienLarry

Alien, Man. Love your new tune, bro. Talking to yourself, you hear what you want to know. You can do it! - N

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over 30 days ago

thanksi apreceate ennyone getting some a the menning to my stuff injoy one are 2 a off my vids on this site pleas injoy but not 4 childrin

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