Parias Day is an up and coming Rock-Alternative band based out of the Madison Wisconsin area. Our style has been related to: Flyleaf, The Letter Black, Three Days Grace, Anberlin, A Day To Remember, and more current-day Rock/Alternative headliners.

Parias Day is a moderned-up Latin word (Pariah), which means "outcast." So literally, our name means "day of the outcasts." In popular society, we recognize it's hard to be accepted by the in-crowds--but that's okay, because being an outcast at least means you're being true to yourself.

Currently we are in the process of recording our first set of singles, soon to be released as an EP! We are a high-energy group that loves to perform and give people a good show, and leave them feeling rocked out, sweaty and pumped!

--Parias Day

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YES! Our third and final single to complete our 3-song self-titled EP is finished! All of that goodness is available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, iHeartRadio, and much more!

Parias Day-Entry 3

WHEEW! Well, the self-titled EP is done! SO excited for what the future holds. Writing some brand new music, already laying plans for another EP, looking at new merch, studio time, and a whole lot of shows all around the Midwest. Thanks all for all your support and love! -Porter

Parias Day--Entry 2

So ready to get back into the studio and finish off Single #2, "Pretty Monster"! Been waiting for a while on this one, but it looks like this coming week we have some awesome studio time available!

So blessed. Things are just amazing here! Every day brings something new and exciting!

Parias Day-Entry 1

Wow--roller-coaster ride! Music is amazing, but it's incredible to find out how much goes into making just one song.

Life is exciting, risky, and fun. Wish we could record every weekend! Made the Top 10 for Rock-Alternative yesterday--SO excited!

Heading into the studio again this week to finish rhythms for one song, and vocals for both of our newest singles. So ready to get this stuff out there!


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over 30 days ago to Parias Day

Never Home - pretty awesome!

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Parias Day
over 30 days ago

Thanks Antho!

Parias Day
over 30 days ago to Parias Day

New song "Never Home" is up! Check out the story behind this song. It's a lot more intense than our other ones, but it really hits home for all of us, because it relates to a lot of the kids we know in the area.

Parias Day
over 30 days ago to Parias Day

Gonna post up Parias Day's 3rd and final single, titled, "Never Home"!
...just as soon as I figure out how to convert .wav files to .mp3!

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Justin Howard
over 30 days ago

Just google free wav to mp3 converter. There are tons out there and easy to use. Just watch when you are installing because it will prompt you to install other add-ons, such as tool-bars, etc...but you can just uncheck them and move on. I have used NCH and some others from CNET and all have worked fine.

Parias Day
over 30 days ago

Awesome! Got it all figured out now, thanks!

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