Neo-Classic Rock - A blend of Rock, Blues, Country & Folk. Throw Neil Young, Creedence, The Band, Bob Dylan, The Allmans, Tom Petty in a blender, push puree and you'll get WHO ARE THOSE GUYS. But don't drink it!

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New Releases!! "Zihuatanejo" and "Praying For The Rain", new songs from WATG are available now on Broadjam. The Who Are Those Guys song "If You Ain't Got The Money" has been placed in two newly released films, "Dear Mr Gacy" (from the producers of the Academy Award winning film "Monster") and "The Last Harbor" (starring Wade Williams of "Prison Break"). For up to date info go to

Who Are Those Guys?

Who Are Those Guys has been writing and performing great rock & roll for over 25 years. The core of the band; Marty Attridge (guitar, vocals), Doug Attridge (guitar, vocals), Jim Gorman (bass, vocals); recorded their first songs with the band Virgin Swill.

After years of various band names and personnel configurations, They regrouped in 1988 under the name Who Are Those Guys. The current members include; Marty, Doug, Jim, Tom Daly (drums), Pat Petrosini (percussion, vocals) and Lindsay Reeve (harmonica, vocals).

The Sun Session Times Review called WATG "...the rightful heirs to Big Pink...Who are those guys? That's what I'd like to know. From the innate pop sensibilities of the 60's Blue Skies, to the surf sounds of Surfin' With Neil, and the cry-in-your-beer country twang of Up All Night. These guys play new music with a classic vibe...Ã??

The music of songwriters, Marty and Doug Attridge is a mix of Rock, Blues, Folk and Country or better known as Roblufoltry. The WATG discography includes; 1998's Graze, 2002's Welcome to Downville, 2004's 25th Anniversary Edition and 2007's WATG. Their song "If You Ain't Got The Money" aired on the CBS TV series "Without A Trace". The song can also be heard in the newly released films "Dear Mr Gacy" and "The Last Harbor".

The music of Who Are Those Guys is available through i-Tunes, and Who Are Those Guys performs regularly in the Long sland, NY area. For performance dates or additional information, visit the Guys at:


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