Small independent record label in the North East of England. Specialising in production and remixing.

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"BBC RADIO PREMIERE posted Sept 2003
As a direct result of being placed as finalists in the Jazz/Blues category of the 2003 competition, Kevin Wright & Tony Watson were invited to talk about their success on BBC Radio. Following an interview the song "Victoria Lynn" was given it's first public airing. Kevin writes that "The publicity has been a great start to our career in songwriting and we are now working on further songs requested by a major UK publishing house. Many thanks to all at UKSC for giving us this opportunity!"


Tony's background in music is as a rock guitarist and drummer. He listens to all styles of music and has been influenced by many artists.
Kevin's background is in jazz and popular music (as a pianist) but has a keen interest in recording/production and specialises in the use of VST technology.


Set up in 2003, Valley Studio Productions is situated in the North East of England and is run by Kevin Wright and Tony Watson.
Both full time professional musicians, extremely active as performers throughout the UK, they are now writing and producing songs of all genres and styles in a dedicated studio, built early 2003. As yet, they are un-published but have received positive feedback on their work and received recognition in International songwriting competitions.
Please contact Kevin Wright on +44 7855 804815 for more information.

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