Helplessly Hoping-The Ravelers

At our 25th Anniversary show, The Ravelers decided to split the night into two shows. The first was all acoustic...which is where this video came from....and the second was full on electric. I remembered seeing CSN at the Greek Theater back in 68 or 69, where they started the night with acoustic guitars for the 1st set....then opened the curtain to expose the band, and played electric for the 2nd set. That show changed my life, so this is kind of a tribute to CSN for sharing the most incredible music I have heard to this day. I just turned 63, so that shows how their music has spanned the test of time.

Director The Ravelers
Credits Acoustic Guitar-Martie Echito Vocals- Martie Echito, Hai Muradian, Pat Naish Videographer - Roy Swedeen Live Sound- Kelly McGuire Audio for video mix-Martie Echito

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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