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Gritty, dance-able surf punk. Venus in Furs creates a fast tempo, mostly instrumental party of sound that is influenced both by post-punk and classic surf rock music. This sound with a highly energetic stage show, that will get you dancing. Since the band's inception, they've prioritiezed performance, making shows shows engaging and fun. Music with a message, the songs with lyrics are politically and socially motivated.

Venus in Furs features Vic on guitar, Cynthia on the other guitar, Marlo on drums, and Nat on bass. Vic began playing guitar when she was five years old. She made the rounds on the ska/hardcore scene in Hartford, Conn. from 1995 through 2000 with Golgo 13, opening for bands such as Mustard Plug, Spring Heeled Jack, Reel Big Fish and The Skatelites.

In college Cynthia played piano but then her keyboard started on fire and was too expensive to replace so she bought a guitar and learned how to play that instead. After that she played guitar and yelled in Screamin' Cyn Cyn & the Pons for a long time, mostly in Madison but also all across America.
Marlo has been banging on drum kits since she was a youth. She has been in several Chicago based bands in the past, and currently guests drums in a few Madison bands. She's also a drum instructor as well as a scientist.

Nat learned bass in college through late night rock sessions, alone with Gang of Four tabs and some post-punk disco records. She's Playing in a couple punk-metal groups in the past, and now masquerades as a full-fledged stage animal.

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