“Large, Loud, Living on the edge, Rock ‘n’ Roll! That’s Vacation On Mars in a nutshell.” .“This three piece bands sounds like a five piece!” one great mind once said. They have amazing songs, great dynamics, amusing personalities, and they put on a unique and spectacular live show too. They combine the styles of rock, blues, alternative, folk and metal into something that is truly a Vacation On Mars. They have opened up for such bands as the New Meanies, the Grapes of Wrath, Captain Tractor, Butterfinger, Todd Kerns and most recently, Skid Row. The band is scheduled to release their full length CD sometime this winter and will be seen touring everywhere. The bands most recent achievement is having the song Terpentine, from their demo CD reach number nine in the world hard rock charts on Broadjam.com and the songs Terpentine and Heading Out reach six and nine on Broadjam.com for Alberta. The single Now What is being played on some commercial radio stations across Western Canada.


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Clean Clean

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