Unwanted Superheroes, or USH (as they're affectionally called by their fans)are making their mark on the South Florida rock scene in a big way. Go to any of their live shows and you can't help but get caught up in the excitement and electricity as it overwhelms you. Watch bodies fly as they pump out favorites such as "Pistols and Petals" and "Halo". Sing along with their unforgettable and poignant anthems "Don't Forget to Breathe" and "Face Value". Pump your fists in the air as you lose your inhibitions with "Stars on Your Wrist"...

Check out Unwanted Superheroes. Online at ushrocks.com... Live and in person at one of their East Coast shows this year... Or at the very least, on their latest CD release, "You Don't Need This As Bad As I Do".

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Unwanted Superheroes EPK Review:

Unwanted Superheroes are a band of young men that hail from Pembroke Pines, Florida. What makes these rockin’ youngsters so unique is their ability to mix rock, punk, and hardcore together to pull in every one of those audiences.

I checked out three of their songs, “Read Between The Lines,” “Face Value,” and “Pistols and Petals” at http://www.purevolume.com/unwantedsuperheroes. What I heard was a band in command of their instruments, they sting like a pissed off bee. These guys rock hard and fast and take no prisoners along the way. I really appreciated the great instrumentation on the tracks I heard. I am not very crazy about hardcore but a lot of the guitar parts took the edge of that aspect.

This band has a truckload of promise and nothing but their energetic youth to make it all happen.

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Family, friends, fans, each other.


This South Florida 5-piece has a unique blend of hardcore and pop-punk, with a strong screamo influence. Still in High School, their music and lyrics convey a much more sophisticated perspective than one would normally expect. Incredibly energetic live shows augment their sophisticated musical interludes, and they never lose contact with their audience, no matter how crazy things get on stage, or in the pit.

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