We're a multi-instrumental studio recluse duo that records in our very own Studio B. Ultrasonic Jones delivers a funky blend of rock, pop, blues, Americana, and folk...a little something for everyone. Thanks for listening, and stop by www.ultrasonicjones.com for more info.


Latest News

Ultrasonic Jones has released our fourth CD: "The Studio B Sessions." It's the follow up to our last 2 simultaneous releases, Hills of Lafayette (alt country/rock) and Whisker Jack (pop/rock). It was the first CD recorded by the Jones Boys duo in the new Studio B.

Adam Bailine wins as a FINALIST for "New Tattoo" in a recent Song of the Year competition.

Ultrasonic Jones -- the story.

In 2006, two mysterious neighbors with nothing better to do between the hours of 9 & 11:30 PM spent a handful of sessions jamming in a small home studio. There were some musical sparks, although the jury is still out on whether that had something to do with bad wiring. Regardless, Ultrasonic Jones was born--along with a funky blend of roots, Americana, blues, and straight-up rock. Their debut album is Ghost Reserve. Rumor has it that if you don't like it, that's ok with them. (And if you do, well, that's ok, too.)

If you have a burning question, or if you'd just like to say hello, send email to: ultrasonicjones@comcast.net. And be sure to pop on by to www.ultrasonicjones.com to check out their site.

They'd love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

Rob Aglow Bio

What does a daytime industrialist with an obscure background do in his spare time? Why, what every other questionable daytime industrialist does. He plays a mean rhythm & lead guitar, and even croons on a tune now and again. While much of Rob's past has been kept a closely guarded secret,--no doubt to ward off any rogue agents that Rob may or may not have come into contact with during a stint as a fashion kingpin--we do know that he lives a quiet-ish suburban life with his wife and children. But at the end of the day, none of this really matters, as much of this is speculation and Rob rarely does interviews.

Adam Bailine Bio

Adam allegedly spent his formative years as the lost fifth member of a doomed blues trio. Some say this is not true, and they're probably right. Intelligence indicates that Adam and his trusty pen have touched the advertising world in ways that it hasn't been touched before (in writing, that is). It's also highly feasible that he co-authored a book about bad customer service. We also know that his multi-instrumentalist / singer-songwriter / producer ways make him very happy. (Along with his wife and kids who apparently put up with his shenanigans on a daily basis.)

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