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Dre P announces Welcome To The Boulevard Tour Spring 2014

Dre P

Andre J. Parr aka Dre P., was born on August 17th, in Toledo, Ohio. Toledo is a small Midwestern trap town in Ohio noted for being a rendezvous point for notorious Detroit gangsters in the early 1920's. The cultural impact on this layover stop is the father to Dre P's unparalleled sound and style. Heavily influenced by the realities of hustling and pimping yet also blessed enough to be introduced to the world of entertaintment Dre P. recorded his first mixtape Still Stack'n and began to sell it independently in 2006. He enlisted the talents of some of Toledo's top emcees and soon formed a group called Da Fly Guyz and a Independent label Fly Guy Ent. Dre P then released 'Big Flipper' a regional club classic which officially put him on the Midwest hip hop radar. The success of the record lead to him being an opening act on YOUNG JOC's 2007 tour.
Dre P performed on television shows like SHOWTIME AT THE APOLLO and BET's 106TH&PARK. He also was casted for LOVE GAMES 4 which premiered on the Oxygen network fall of 2012. He turned that series appearance into a string of appearances on BAD GIRLS CLUB in 2013. He also became an official spokesmodel for DRUGS urban clothing line. HIP HOP WEEKLY then featured Dre P as an artist set to impact the marketplace in their July, 2013 issue.
Dre P. has an incredible 2014 planned including the Welcome To The Boulevard tour and the DRUGS concert tour. Also slated for release are his debut LP L.G.4- Love, Live, Grind and his most anticipated street album release to date "Welcome To The Boulevard the soundtrack" which has the streets buzzing now. Along with various television show appearances, movie, magazine, licensing and public appearances already confirmed, it will be a breakthrough year for the budding superstar. His hit singles 'Obama', 'Everything Whoa', and 'Drink' are standouts already generating intense interest by deejays and fans alike. "2014 is going to be outstanding, my goals this year are acquiring tour support, getting more music placements, collaborating with artists that generate interest in other markets nationally and worldwide, filming the Welcome To The Boulevard movie, selling a ton of the DRUGS brand, hitting the Billboard 100, signing a major label deal, more national TV, in no particular order" says a very confident Dre P. Dre P is ready for center stage as he prepares his debut album for mass consumption with the help of 'uber' producers, Advokate, K.E on the track, Vybe and Mally. "It's more about the business and how I connect everything I'm involved with, networking, expanding my reach, I'm about that money..."


2014 - Welcome To The Boulevard (LP soundtrack)

2014 -Drink (single)

2014 -Obama (single)

2013 - Welcome To The Boulevard (EP)

2013 -Everything Whoa (single)

2013 -Hangover (single)

2013 -Mona Lisa (single)

2012 - A2- Andre The Giant 2 (mixtape)

2011 - Andre The Giant (mixtape)

2010 - I Hate Dre P. (mixtape)

2010 - I Love Dre P. (mixtape)

2009 - 106 N Parr (mixtape)

2008 - 75 South (mixtape)

2007 - Cash Up Or Cash Me Out (mixtape)

2006 - Still Stack'n (mixtape)

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