Out of the gut of Phoenix, Arizona leaps this out of control bunch of musical madmen formed in 1998. Delivering a powerful punch of Alternative/Metal, their in your face attitude will grab your attention and not let go. Fronted by Tony Noyes (Tones), a wild and krazy showman from Arizona, Kraised has become one of the most powerful musical acts to hit the scene and recently won the award for “Best Metal Band” in Phoenix! With their first full-length CD release titled “Haywire Logic”, released on their own label (Beltin’ Records) in October 2003, they are sure to create an impact through speakers everywhere. With distro through Nightmare Records and Sinbad Productions, people around the world have been able to enjoy the noise. They recently won a battle of the bands for an opening spot at Alice Cooper's Christmas Pudding show at The Dodge Theatre (Seats 7000). Other acts playing that night include Styx, Tesla, Don Felder and The Tubes.

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I wanted an aggressive sound like Metallica with a Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park twist. It’s all quite a sick blend….but it’s effective. Victims of all ages will cherish something from this loony accomplishment meaning…..I have succeeded. You’re next…


My Kraised pawns have been influenced by rock and metal form the 80’s, Alternative music from the 90’s and the current rap/metal.


I had it all planned out from beginning to end. The mind is a powerful thing. Sometimes able to construct the wildest scenarios and dreams yet, unable to decipher fiction from reality. My plan began in 1998 with spreading my idea of the world as it should be. Or is it the reality I choose to spin in favor of my aggression? Either way I feel the simplest way is through the art of music. That way all would accept my haywire logic without even knowing it…and then the CD was born.
I would now have to choose the league of players I would use to create my new reign. The first I found to lead the group is a hero from Arizona who goes by the code name “The Tones”. For over a decade this out of control madman’s voice has been heard through the gut of Phoenix. With his powerful songwriting and wildly energetic live performances, all will be fed to follow. The thunderous beats will be provided by none other than Kelly Knight for these mesmerizing tunes. Beats that kick you where it hurts and show no mercy when you move to them. Krazy Kris Pierce will punish followers with his unearthly guitar sounds while Dave Marshell drives the low end with his bass completing this freight train of sound.
The live performance is so powerful many have already fallen prey. Voted “Best Metal Band” in Phoenix will help my cause. They have exposed my plans through their concerts in Arizona, California and Nevada. Soon they will be spreading

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