Story Behind The Song

Iv'e always loved to perform live. For awhile I played acoustic music then got into the metal sounds of Kraised. The adrenaline rush has much more of an Impact with a rock concert!

Song Description

Describing the Impact of energy at a butt-kickin' concert!

Song Length 2:52 Genre Rock - Heavy Metal, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, Aggressive Subject Encouragement, Show Biz
Similar Artists Sevendust, Sir Mix A Lot Language English
Era 2000 and later



Verse 1:
Like a wreck I feel the Impact, never from the back, right up in your face in fact,
And every day in every way I gotta say, were ready for your attack,
Come on now rush the stage, like your finally uncaged,
in an aggressive rage, like fired-up beasts on a rampage,

Verse 2:
Take the crowd like your runnin? it, and fuck it up for the fun of it,
Together proud, everybody getting? loud, screamin? and yellin? like a son of a bitch,
And when the blood is dispursin?, feelin? no pain, every person is cursin?,
Are you feelin? it, cause I?m fellin? it, and you know we made an Impact,

I?m breakin? out again,
I hope it?s never gonna end, makin? all the wake, creatin? all the earthquakes,
I?ll take you down with me,
Act out aggressively, come on create, an Impact with me?Now we?ve made an Impact!

Verse 3:
Run you down like a freight train, never be the same all the others feelin? lame,
To the top, never gonna stop the craziness, put the others all to shame,
Keep it goin? all night, think we?re gonna cease but I never see an end in sight,
Gonna take it all the way, better listen closely when I say,

Now we?ve made an Impact!

© 2003 Kraised, All rights reserved

Lyrics The Tones Music The Tones
Producer Stu Simone Performance Kraised
Label Independent
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Clean Clean

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