I am an independent music composer and producer. I am currently trying to break into the TV and film industry to furnish soundtracks, music beds, and themes. I would describe my styles of music as pop, jazz, and new age. Have had several of my works on radio and TV. "Back to the Boardwalk" was performed by The Drifters on a Cable TV special. Much of my work has been used for commercials. Most of my songs are currently being played all over Europe through a company called Soundworks in Austria. This is a great company that lets you retain all the rights and directs any inquiry directly to the artist. You cannot contact them directly. They have to come to you after hearing your work but it is worthwhile. I continue to compose and I am confident that I will eventually break into the larger markets. I have a great ability to write "on spec" and that gives me an edge for submitting to Broadjam opportunities. My catalog is ever-expanding and I truly love what I do.

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again, since I have been actively reviewing other artists, I am constantly amazed at the number of talented people out there! And if not for this site, I might not ever have heard most of them. I love this site and it has opened so many doors for me.

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And anyone who is a real musician knows exactly what I am talking about. This is not a business for the meek and is usually supplemented with another job. Anyway, I actually started my musical career at the age of 12, singing in a rock band. Have been in bands ever since. I started writing seriously at about 17, when I got my first piano. Along the way, I have taught myself how to produce recordings, engineer, arrange..etc. I spent 4 years in Las Vegas Show groups and that was quite an experience. Learned a lot. Moved back to upstate New York where I now reside. I spent a year traveling with the Drifters (of Under the Boardwalk fame) and wrote a song for them, which I have uploaded on this site. "Back to the Boardwalk." That was great year! I am currently performing with 2 local bands doing the club thing (Hey, I have to eat!) but mostly I spend my time composing and recording. My ultimate goal is to break into TV and films and write with that in mind. If you listen to my music, you will hear how well-suited my music is for that. Love to network with other musicians and hear their work. My main instrument is the saxophone and I necessarily had to learn to play keyboards and guitar but still call in "real" players when I need a sophisticated part or solo. I love this business and I hate this business. But I decided long ago, this is what I am meant to do.

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