I'm a singer/songwriter from York, UK - most of my music falls into the 'folk' genre but definitely not 'finger in your ear' traditional stuff! I'm the proud owner of 4 lovely acoustic guitars - a Lowden, a Moon, a Yamaha and my newest acquisition - a beautiful parlour guitar made by Ralph Bown here in York. I keep them in various tunings (some widely known and some invented). I play regularly in local acoustic clubs and also sing in a harmony trio. I joined Broadjam as a result of entering the UK Songwriting competition, where 2 of my songs were borderline finalists... so that's encouraging but I do value the feedback from fellow artists to help me improve. Some of my recordings are from live performances - so please excuse the coughs/shuffling chairs etc. from the audience! I mostly keep things simple - with just my guitar and vocal but I have started experimenting with more orchestrated versions of some of my songs too.


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