Even though he had dreamt of being a Gigolo, Tony, at 29 years old, had to resign himself : " I am going to make music ! ". A Graduate of Paris Political Science School and founder and CEO of various companies, he decided to leave the world of business for show business. With a classic background (piano, musical theory), he learns by himself the basics of electronic music, composes, arranges, mixes and samples.

Among his favorite records are those of Gil Scott-Heron, George Clinton and Vangelis, DJ T, LTJ Bukem and The Crystal Method to name a few...

He now lives his life just like he feels, only getting away from his daily task as a sonic craftsman to relax and watch those star treks reruns.
But please no judging, that’s his thing...we all have our’s too...

contact : tony.gutman@gmail.com

Tony's Discography

Tony Gutman "GeT uP !" - Ryzms

Remixes, Collaborations
Ulysses "Why don't you ?" (Tony Gutman remix feat. Jake O) - Play's cool

Neurotic Drum Band "High in New York City" (Tony Gutman Naked Cowboy remix) - Sodium

To be released soon
Dj Freddy & Yann Fontaine "Psychose" (Tony Gutman 5th journey remix) - Courtoisie records


How do you work, and in what context ?
In the still of the night, alone preferably.

What equipment do you use ?
I prefer thought to tinkering. Hence a powerful but minimal setup, stripped down and techno. A Top notch computer, 2 screens and a whole lot of software.

What are your musical influences ?
It has a lot to do with what mood I’m in. Until now, each of my tracks reflects an emotional sequence. A burst of happiness for Extaplasma, or the desire to refuse submission for Subculture and My Shell...

What does creating music brings you ?
Relief. It’s a way of letting go what annoys me, my frustrations.
Besides, music is a link, a mode of communication which enables me to pass a message through, as tenuous as it may be. And it can just as well be about an atmosphere or a political statement. Without it I can get lost.
As the wise man says : " Unfortunate is the young disciple whose inexpert hand blisters the pumpkin of fate ! "

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