Described as "flowing, edgy, hypnotic and very contagious" The High Violets have tapped the vein of Lush, the Sundays and the Cocteau Twins while defining their own sound. Layered guitars, textured arrangements and ethereal vocals combine to create a skilled and respectful blend of pop and shoegazing sensibilities

The band's debut "44 Down" will be forever remembered as a breakthrough album for them. With their second full-length release, "To Where You Are" in 2006 the band continued to mine the ethereal territory of their impressive first record with a more mature and evolved sound earning them critical acclaim.

The band has performed at South by Southwest, Musicfest NW, North by Northeast, PDX Pop Now! and NoisePop.

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The band's latest release "Cinéma" received glowing reviews and extensive air play on college and alternative radio stations, landing on numerous top playlists. Year end found the album on a variety of music critic, radio station and blog "Best Album of 2010" lists.
John Davidson in ATLANTA'S A LIST said: The best dream-pop album of the year, a modern shoegazer type of thing that doesn't pimp feedback or washout vocals as a calling card.
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