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Called "exuberant, energetic and free-flowing", Starry Saints bring to mind Kings of Leon, Love and Rockets, The Stone Roses and the Raveonettes, among others.
Determined to start a new venture after the success of earlier projects, Allen Davis and Clint Sargent formed Starry Saints in 2009. Their idea was to create a confluence of noise, pop and song craft; a sound big, yet not indulgent, always dynamic, touching on elements of both hi-fi and lo-fi.
Davis and Sargent originally played together with The High Violets. In 2002 they collaborated on The High Violets first album 44 Down. Sargent played lead guitar and composed most of the songs, Davis played bass guitar and produced the album. In 2003 Davis moved to San Francisco, joined the band Every Move a Picture, and became songwriter for their album Heat-Weapon released on V2 Records in 2005. Sargent continued with The High Violets releasing the albums To Where You Are in 2006 and Cinéma in 2010.
In the spring of 2009 the duo regrouped in Portland to embark on their new music project. Shortly after completing a three song demo EP they teamed up with friend and videographer, William Landers, to produce a music video of the song Go. It won Portland's 94.7FM sponsored contest for a local band to open for The Killers. Personally selected by The Killers, Starry Saints performed their first live show at Portland Memorial Coliseum in September 2009, amid comments that "they sounded better than the two regular opening acts."
Starry Saints released their debut album, Serenade, in November 2010 just in time to make QRO Magazine contributor, Rob Boss', Top 2010 Albums list. The LP, a combination of early 90s post-shoegaze influence and earlier lo-fi garage allusions while hinting at more radio-friendly horizons., reveals music that is uplifting and spirited, intense and deep, engaging and accessible.
Future Sounds says: "With former members of Every Move a Picture and The High Violets in the band, they come off somewhere between The Big Pink and Kasabian. The song Go brings to mind Love and Rockets So Alive somehow blending with The Stone Roses. All great reference points in my book."

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