"One of the best bands I ever saw, a legendary and inestimably important band, but more than that. Not so much a band as - well, more like a squad of gods. A God Squad. A full-on, balls-out God Squad of Rock." - Todd Hanson, Head Writer, The Onion

New album coming out soon, with Robert Fripp a special guest.

The Gomers - now with Gomeroke! http://beeftone.com/gomers.html

Some Gomer Press Quotes

"A satirist's delight... They Might Be Giants-esque Wisco fun... Reminiscent of Zappa's involved style parodies... Had me laughing aloud. Impressive musicianship."

"The Gomers supply a walk on the wild side... combining music and slightly demented comedy"

"Rarely does one see a combo so unrestricted in their musical pursuits. I have on many occasions commented that these guys would do just about any kind of music, and do it justice"

"No idea is too kitsch to be skewered, no rock icon too large to be humiliated. The Gomers practically invented High Weirdness and Art Damage"

"Funny stuff with lots of changes of pace and undeniably good musicianship"



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