Leave singer-songwriter Tamara Miller alone in a hotel lobby for 60 seconds and she might just write you a song.

On her 2008 debut (appropriately named 60 Seconds), the Toronto-based, independent musician told tales in short bursts of imagery; for her follow up EP - Changing Lanes - the award-winning piano-pop artist lets her songs guide her journey in a different direction.

The title cut from her debut, which was featured on the hit teen drama series, Degrassi: The Next Generation, was about making it on your own, leaving the past behind, and moving forward. "I believe '60 Seconds' is a journey all of us at some point in our lives have taken," Miller comments.

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Tamara nominated for a 2011 HMMA (Hollywood Music in Media Award) for Best Pop Song, Her song "STAY" nominated! November 2011, Los Angeles, California @ Kodak Theatre Complex.

Tamara releases CHANGING LANES October 2010.Tracks: "Everyday's a Better Tomorrow" & "Something's Gotta Go Right" placed on MTV.

Miller's song "60 Seconds" featured on CTV's hit teen drama series: "DEGRASSI:THE NEXT GENERATION"


Leave singer-songwriter Tamara Miller alone in a hotel lobby for 60 seconds and she might just write a song.

In less than a minute the talented Toronto musician will have found the grand piano. If she's feeling inspired -- and there's a cocktail napkin around -- by the time her fingers reach the keys, a new song will often follow.

"It's as if I can already see the music on the keys as I walk over to sit down," she says.

That's exactly how "It's In Your Eyes" came to be, a fan favourite at her live shows and a tune she recorded on a previous demo. Tamara was in Milan. One afternoon, she sat down at the grand piano in the quaint hotel lobby and started composing. With no paper in site, she asked the bartender for a napkin. Somehow that piece of paper filled with words and music made the cross-Atlantic journey.

With the release of her new EP - 60 Seconds Tamara is ready to take her words, music and song writing journey to a new space. She describes the title track as epitomizing this leap of faith.

"The song is about making it and standing on your own. Leaving the past behind and moving forward."

Tamara began taking classical piano lessons at six. She picked up concepts quickly, and while she loved playing classical music, in her heart she always enjoyed playing contemporary music. She continued her musical studies at York University in Toronto, where she was awarded an entrance scholarship to attend the Faculty of Fine Arts at the age of 18. At York, Tamara took songwriting courses that truly allowed her to experiment. The light bulb went off; she realized she wanted to pursue a career in music. Her true passion was writing songs.

60 Seconds has a dreamy feel to it and it's all about movement. Filled with soft-pop songs that create a visual musical landscape, the EP was recorded in Toronto and produced by Juno Award winner Ron Lopata (Jacksoul, Simon Wilcox, VP A&R, Warner Music).

Tamara's obsession with playing pianos in public does not stop at hotel lobbies. Music venues, schools, art galleries and shopping malls - anywhere there's a lonely instrument, she's drawn to the hidden possibilities that lie within its keys and she always seems to draw a crowd.

"Even amongst the 50 per cent off sales, they stop and listen," she jokes. "Songs need to uplift the soul, inspire us to listen, and bring everything we are at that moment right into the song."

That's the power and passion of this singer's voice and her melodic songs. This passion is on full display on the half-dozen songs on 60 Seconds. Give her 60 seconds and she's sure to have you stopping what you're doing too.

Tamara Miller just returned from TEMECULA, CALIFORNIA!!! She was invited to perform her music @ "The 16th Annual Temecula Valley International Film & Music Festival" Sept 15-19, 2010. Tamara was invited to sing her songs OPENING NIGHT for the Film Premiere of "St.Roz." Tamara performed her music for over 400 filmmakers/attendees. Tamara also performed in two other showcases during the festival. Her music was very well received and led to many more opportunities!

Tamara Miller also met DAVID FOSTER AND KENNY LOGGINS @ AWARDS GALA NIGHT during this incredible festival.

TAMARA MILLER'S NEW CD "CHANGING LANES" was released on TUESDAY OCTOBER 12, 2010. This CD features piano & guitar pop songs -- great for FILM & TELEVISION.

TAMARA MILLER's "60 Seconds" & "Changing Lanes" is AVAILABLE NOW on ITUNES!


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Joseph Miller
over 30 days ago to Tamara Miller

Stay... tasty tune!... well done!... Nice to know you Tamara. Here's something I just put together for the Homecoming Vets from Iraq... fun tune:
http://www.broadjam.com/player/player.php?play_file=36902_553067 1

Nick Fuse
over 30 days ago to Tamara Miller

Tamara. None of us can make it on our own. 60 seconds and all of your work is beautiful, and your voice endearing. But only those of us from the Frozen North really know what Frostbite feels like. Cheers! St. Nick

1 Replies
Tamara Miller
over 30 days ago

Thank you very much Nick! ha ha... great Frostbite comment :) will take a listen to your music!! Thanks again, Tamara

Joseph Miller
over 30 days ago to Tamara Miller

Nice tune Tamara... Someday Somethings Gotta Go Right... Well done.. heard it in the BJ Contest

1 Replies
Tamara Miller
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much Joseph!!! really appreciate the listen!

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