On Tamara Hey's new CD, 'Miserably Happy', the songs are more personal than ever, such as 'Drive', 'Round Peg', & "October Sun". With typical New Yorker sarcasm & pure pop influences, she offers up 'David #3', 'Somebody's Girl' & "You Wear Me Out'. & on the sweet side, there is 'Umbrella' & 'Long Dog Day'. Fans & friends agree that the title track "Miserably Happy" sums up Tamara Hey perfectly.

Art Hays, producer of 'Miserably Happy' has created an exciting reflection of the music he & Tamara both love (Beatles, Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac), but smartly, keeps the focus on Tamara's voice & lyrics.

Tamara Hey has been playing live with & without her band on the New York City scene for years, continuously testing new material, building a fan-base & putting together the players who make up her core band: Brian Delaney, Tim Lefebvre, Art Hays, & Henry Hey. Shows without the band are just as much fun, with Tamara often premiering new material.


Tamara Hey, a New York City-based singer/songwriter, follows her 2005 debut Right This Minute with an expertly crafted sophomore release, Miserably Happy. Refreshingly, Hey - all smiles in the two photos on the cover of the CD jacket - brings lighthearted optimism to a singer/songwriter genre often skewed toward the brooding and depressive. In the latest record, Hey has surrounded herself with an individually noteworthy cast of accompanying musicians: producer and guitarist Art Hays linked with Matchbox Twenty and Carbondale, Keyboardist (and husband) Henry Hey known from his work with Rod Stewart and Jeff Watts, drummer Brian Delaney of NY Dolls, and bassist Tim Lefebvre whose played alongside the likes of James Taylor and Patty Austin. Amid such a talented backdrop, Tamara Hey's joyously soulful voice and deeply contemplative lyrics stand out, allowing her emotive ability to forge a personal connection between listener and song. While there is obviously an immense level of talent, Hey has also been formerly educated in the elite settings of both the Performing Arts School and the renowned Berklee College of Music.

Miserably Happy blends humor, sarcasm, wit, and introspection to create a feel good album with tons of pop vibes. There's too too much of a full band sound to be truly classify it as a singer/songwriter record, rather the album falls somewhere in the realm of folk rock, AAA, with subtle hints of country sensibilities. Her diverse sound comes from a wide range of influences, but her interests seem primarily rooted in the realm of classic rock and its extensions, proclaiming herself as a Beatles-fanatic with a deep appreciation for the likes of Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, ELO, and Suzanne Vega. Her voice echoes the same spinnability and freedom that characterizes the era of the flower children. "Miserably Happy" the album's titled track, rides a pleasant but bare melody, yet Hey's ability to elevate a simple phrase "I'm so miserably happy" into a catchy hook transforms it into one of those songs that seems to linger in your mind long after the track is done. Hey can best be described as a blending of Aimee Mann's story telling prowess, Dido's sincerity, and KT Tunstall's poppy angst. While the CD will certainly have you bobbing your head with a smile, I imagine the real pleasure to come with seeing Hey and her extremely talented band play a live set. She currently plays a majority of shows throughout the New York City region, but as momentum gains behind this talented songstress, keep an eye for shows popping up throughout the Northeast region.

Take a listen to Right This Minute and you will find that you have become an instant fan or Tamara Hey. Quirky, fun and sad songs mixed together make this an album with a little bit of something for everyone. She has wrapped her vocals in some excellent music provided by very talented performers.

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago to Tamara Hey

first off, I like that photo.
black and white.
looks like a very attractive woman, but a little sense of the "maybe"
not a "glam" shot, but we get the impresssion that this woman could easily have posted one of those.

coat is simple cloth, not fancy design, not leather.
train station... this woman is heading somehwere, she has a destination in mind.
probably already has her ticket.

so, what do we now expect, when we finally get around to listening to this woman, who, apparently, from her photo, has noticed that we have looked at her....?
she turns, clutching her coat to her neck... does she know who we are?
she doesn't give the impression that she is terrified...
she almost looks...
ready for whatever is going to happen.
yes, thats it.
thats what that look is... not fear.

well, we expect a good listen.
thats what we expect.

and we consider ourselves to be pretty good at this sort of thing.
we wont be wasting our time at this page

profile is truth
other artists mentioned, equally, and with obvious, sincere appreciation.
a live gigger
ny ny
ok, let's....

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A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

right again
perfect mix on vocal
clear, almost zero fx on track
woman has that sort of "little girl" sound in her timbre
Dolly, Lauper, Belinda Carlisle
fx would destroy this vocal
Under For Good
admitting weakness
ok, A-listed

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

this is one fun page

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

heres a weird, true story, just for you

in the early 80s a friend recorded a simple thing he wrote, and he titled it "Groovin'", just a very simple home type recording, not nearly this good.

he started getting checks in the mail, from his royalty collection ass'n
because he always sent his tunes ton that ass'n

so, he inquired.
getting monthly checks.

well, the advertizing buyer at a radio station had been asked by a client to "find a bcaking song" for a radio spot.
the client was a retail chain which sold tires.
they had 17 locations in Illinois.

that radio advert seller searched available catelogues
well, he used key=words

so, he types in "rubber", no good stuff there.
he types in "wheels"... too many cliches.
so, he does this for a couple days, cuz its a huge account, and the campaign will run for a full year, plus television...

then, the exec types in "groove"... notjiong he likes.
then, "grooves".. srill nothing he likes.
then, he thinks of "grooving"

my friend made 45,000 in one year.
he invested one day, and had fairly cheap gear
(this was the 80s, remember, no ProTools)


so, anyway,
if you can't sell that chorus section to some car manufacturer, I will eat my own hat.

just that chorus.. do a cut, make it good, 1 mkinute...
"drive.... drive... put me in a car and...."

get it into ascasp, bmi, whatever, as that version also.
or, send emails with links here.
easy to find, with just 3 songs here
no search necessary
you're somthin'
i like you

guys nane was Williams.
just fyi

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

first name

A Group Of Unreal People
over 30 days ago

your masters need some veru tight room reverb, very low in level
iyts just too dry, overall
only you should hear that reverb, if youi know what I mean.
nothing the listener will even notice
keep the reverb stereo spread tighter, not fully imaged, not large, if your reverb has a stereo image that will auto-set to full spread width, as most do.
keep it tighter, pull tjhose left-right panners closer.

gotta move on

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