String Theory is an alternative progressive metal act from London, England. They can be found performing at London's top music venues & are often invited to play at cities throughout the UK, supporting such bands as: Lost Prophets, Breed 77, Fony, Kill II This, Orange Goblin, Grand Magus and Janus Stark (ex-Prodigy).

The music press has hailed String Theory with a slew of good reviews, including many on high-traffic webzines & music-review sites. Several UK & USA radio stations have also helped launch String Theory onto the airwaves. offers a window into the life of the band & has formed an integral part of String Theory's strategy for success. The band also utilises the website ( where fans from around the globe can listen to & download the songs from the new EP. The number of listeners rises everyday & currently stands at over 2500.

This band has the drive & determination to push the boundaries & succeed.

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String Theory wrap the crowd in comforting squalls of guitar while buffeting them with heart-rending melodies. The combined effect is like walking into the sea with the intention of drowning only to find it warm and pulsating with beautiful, life-affirming song.
“Solid Riffery.....Many great reference points are hinted at in their Alt-Metal output (A Perfect Circle, Sevendust, Filter).....Sophosticated production.....Great Musicians”
Not content with just being a standard rock band, their music incorporates complex time signatures, varied dynamics and interesting effects, creating a soundscape that is dark, intense and challenging.

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String Theory is a band comprising 4 like-minded individuals with a passion for music and the commitment to do what it takes to succeed. The band, Dal - Vocals, Mark - Guitar, Jake - Bass, Kev - Drums, are unified by their desire to create intelligent heavy melodic music that inspires and moves both physically and emotionally.
Formed in January 2002 the band instantly set about writing a recording a demo CD that was both progressive and sonically dark. Taking their influences from the genre of Alternative/Alternative Rock the band enjoy creating music that is both technically challenging to write and perform yet commercially marketable and very listenable.
Basing themselves in London, England the band are often found performing live at some of the city’s top venues for unsigned (and signed) bands. They are also often invited to play outside of the capital and enjoy taking their music and live show to as many people as possible.
During their time together so far String Theory have gained a reputation as a tight musical outfit with a live show to match the intensity of the music. The CDs and live shows have been favourably reviewed by the music press (Rocksound Magazine), internet fanzines and music review sites (Sound Devastation, Alternative Links, Iuma, Metal Meltdown). The band have also had airplay on a number of UK radio stations as well as several American digital stations. The music can often be heard at a number of UK rock clubs and always goes down well with the crowds. This can be attributed in no small part to the 1000 cd's the band have sold throughout the UK.
The band enjoy their recognition on the London and UK live music scene and have been invited to provide musical support for a number of recognised bands including:
Lost Prophets, Breed 77, Fony, Kill II This, Orange Goblin, Grand Magus, Janus Stark, Vacant Stare, Miocene, Needleye, The Copperpot Journals and Drive Like You Stole It.
The band executes a very physical live performance and has a very strong image as a unit and as individuals. The overall appearance is instantly identifiable and memorable.
There are 3 self-financed EPs available from String Theory that showcase the evolution of the band and the song writing craft and chemistry they have developed. In a short space of time the band have written and perfected their music and carry it off with conviction both live and in the studio. Very shortly the band will be returning to the studio to record their latest E.P. and will also be shooting a video for the title track which will be played on both Kerrang and Scuzz television stations.
The Official String Theory Website ( contains all the details of how to contact the band, their upcoming and previous live shows, reviews, MP3 audio downloads, band merchandise, news, a guest book and a photo gallery. This is regularly updated with all the band news and details, it is the main window into the world of String Theory. The site has had over 6000 hits since it's inception and continues to find the band new friends and fans.
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