In the tradition of MF DOOM and the Wu Tang Clan, STINK TANK weaves together an alternate universe in which a cast of characters at once satirize and transcend common conceptions of hip hop music.

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Books on Tape is now available at WORLDAROUNDRECORDS.COM!


STINK TANK was formed in the summer of 2006 by producer Man Mantis and MC Laduma Nguyuza. Inspired by the creativity and originality of acts like De La Soul, The Roots, Wu Tang Clan, MF DOOM and Madlib, the two sought to create a conceptual statement on the current state of hip hop, using multiple characters (all portrayed by Nguyuza) to create a microcosm of players, haters, gangstas and wankstas. After two years of dedicated studio work, STINK TANK's debut LP, Books on Tape, is now available at


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u got a real smooth flow. feelin ur tracks. keep doin ya thing.

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