Born and raised in the Deep South, and the son of a preacher, music has always been in my life. I studied composition, guitar performnace, and music production at colleges in Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee. Since then I've played guitar professionally for nearly 20 years - in Nashville and for the Air Force. I am currently guitarist in the USAF Academy Band in Colorado Springs, where my family and I have put down roots.

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My newest release, Reaching Through the Veil, is available at CdBaby. It is a modern interpretation of old hymns. Also coming soon is my 2004 release, Fair Winds. You can buy tracks from that album at

My alter-ego, Mayfield, will unleash its first release, The Garage Tapes, Cassette 1, in March. Mayfield is an indie-rock diamond in the rough.

You can purchase my first release, Songs of the South, at itunes. It is purely acoustic folk and bluegrass.
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