I am an 20 year old singer/songwriter who writes from the heart. My lyrics share stories that anyone can relate to, & my goal is to share those stories and have them touch the heart of others,

Stacie Lynn Story

Nova Scotia, Canada - Stacie Lynn Hatt is a singer/songwriter who is making her way in the Country music scene. Armed with a smooth clear voice and the ability to write inspirational songs at such a young age Stacie Lynn's future is extremely promising.

Stacie's musical motivation took place during the three years at junior high school. Imagine being harassed and humiliated day after day, being pushed and struck by other girls and having your best friend set on fire on the school bus. For Stacie this bullying was real.

The difference with the outcome of this story is that she took these unfortunate experiences, turned it into her strength and put it into words and music. An honors graduate of Millwood High School, Stacie Lynn is not your average songstress. Her lyrics paint an image within your head that you won't forget. Trained in voice as a child, began writing her own songs at age 14, she is now plotting a course of her own.

Stacie Lynn independently released her first cd in June 2009. She also recently completed a one year acting program at Neptune Theater School which will allow Stacie Lynn to become a complete and versatile performer.

Stacie Lynn's song "Good Morning" was awarded and honorable mention by the Unisong International Songwriters Competition, "I've Got Something to Say" was awarded a gold medal in the World Championship of Performing Arts in Hollywood California and "She's Amazing" was awarded first runner-up in the World Quest Songwriting Competition.

Instrumentation Ross Billard

Purchase CD Beautiful at: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/stacielynn

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The complete CD "Beautiful" was digitally released June 2009 and is available at I-Tunes, CD Baby, Napster, Rhapsody and other online stores.

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