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Im taking down some beats making room for new ones

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Sirfreddie Moore

Born May 4 1976 in Los Angeles in till the age of five .then moved to Texas my first music encounter was with my step dad who wrote and played music. The guitar was his thing. at the age 15 i did a school play that spark something in me to do more but I was more interested in how the music was made never was thrilled about my talents as a singer our a rap artist but that didn't stop me from raping they called me sir12 at the age of 22 I stated my own small label called titanium records it was a leaning expsernce the first 6 months I had over 10 artist under my label we did any everything to get heard by the end of the year i had over 30 artist under my label it was hard to manage but after weeding out the lazy ones we put together many albums' and songs then one day went to Austin TX fell in love and never look back now i do what I love making beats and mastering songs


wussp boss,,,Like ya stuff, good sound,, it's funny I was just in Manor yesterday handling a lil biz. But anyway, take care man and I'll be checkin for ya. Ya boy from H Town...

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Bennie Wilson
over 30 days ago

Yeah I'm haveing the same issue with my Website as well.


Thanks for the Great Review!

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