Laugh into the sky

Story Behind The Song

the power of love to restore the will to the live and the acknowledgement of where love originates

Song Description

A man telling his woman what her love has done for him and his joy with her and the giver of love

Song Length 4:07 Genre Country - General
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood On Cloud Nine, Delightful Subject Joy, Madly In Love
Similar Artists Darius Rucker, Lyle Lovett Language English
Era 2000 and later


Laugh Into The Sky
words and music
William R. Floyd

Call the preacher, you can call the law
won't swear to nothin' but the things I saw
there was a dead man walkin'
and he looked a lot like me.
From rags to riches in the promised land
it all came true when you took my hand
you saw somethin' I could no longer see


The power of love is the power to save
you pulled me from an early grave
I was dyin' to live
but I was just livin' to die
The power of love is the power to heal
now I know how I'm supposed to feel
and I raise my hands and I laugh
into the sky
I raise my hands
and I laugh into the sky



So this is love , well it's what I've hungered for
you're everything I've dreamed of
I could not ask for more

A true believer whose faith had failed
prodigal child whose friends had bailed
livin' one lonely day
after lonely day
Now I cant wait for the sun to rise
to see myself in your lovin' eyes
that's the role that
I know I was born to play


I really liked this song. Great job!!

Nicely produced this song has all the makings for the big leagues. A tune played and sang this well deserves needs top-notch production. Check! We've got that here and tons more. If you like traditional or new country, you're gonna like this tons. If country is not your thing, listen in and see what happens.

Nice gentle lyric with good hook. Excellent accompaniment.

Reminds me of earlier Tim McGraw. Nice instrumentation.

I really enjoyed this tune. Very nice arrangement. Loved the panning of instruments. Beautiful mix of the steel guitar, organ, piano, all coming together! Vocals are perfect and harmonies are spot on. Especially liked the pickin panned right on the first verse. Very Well Done!

Great...lyrics hit you right your voice and the music sounds great..nice work.. Love the religious imagery

Such a high quality recording in every way! Very commercial with fine vocals, great musicianship (Nashville Demo?)and good lyrics telling a traditional country story of being saved through love. Excellent production quality.

I don't listen to much country music to be honest but I can see that this a good example and has been very well produced.

There are some decent guitar parts and the timing is spot on all the way through the song with everything.

Nice vocals and a good ending to the song.

This is a nice, positive song with some unique lyrics. The production is radio-ready and I wouldn't be surprised at all to hear it on the radio as it is. Nice work.

Great country sound and lyrics the content supports the song beautifully. Sound is original

Wonderful track. Beautiful production, great performances, strong vocal. A well paced commercial country song. Radio ready.

I really like the lyrics in this song although I don't listen to country a lot but I feel where he reaching In his lyrics. There is a lot of emotion in this song that can be felt, like when he said the person saw things in him that he no longer could see. To me it seems the artist found true love again and didn't believe it was still possible and this song is motivational also. I think it would do good on the market with the right team that will keep the artist in mind.

Power of love is true and it does heal. He reminds me of Kenny Rogers. I like the chorus because the words are so true

I loved the guitar-work at the beginning of this song. A very original chord progression used, which is quite refreshing in a country song like this. "I was dying to live but I was just living to die..." is just one example of the incredible lyrics used. This is such an easy song to listen to. A great masterpiece of a song.

Really nice intro. It got my attention enough to want to hear more. Singer has a great Country voice. I like the lyrics. Generally, the song was easy to listen to and follow. I like the changes.

I always love to listen to a well-crafted song. What a pleasure it was to listen to this one. It's a story of love, salvation, redemption, beautifully told, passionately presented, with pretty darn flawless production. Five Stars! Loved the way you could hear the mandolin in there; band sounded great. You've got some really powerful lyrics in there. The chorus really hits the mark. Power of love, power to save, pulled me from an early grave - that's excellent! Then followed up by power to heal; now I know how I'm supposed to feel. Again EXCELLENT lyric writing.

Lyrics William R. Floyd Music William R. Floyd
Producer William R. Floyd Publisher William R.Floyd
Performance wfh Label William R. Floyd
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