Little Miss Such A Much

Story Behind The Song

Putting a spoiled girl in her place.

Song Description

Chastisement of a manipulating, spoiled, rich girl.

Song Length 3:55 Genre Blues - Chicago, Blues - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Restless, Annoyed Subject Arrogance, Judgement
Similar Artists Tom Waits, Peter Gabriel Language English
Era 2000 and later


Step in the sunlight
Your jewelry's blinkin'
Got your Mama's thighs
And your Daddy's Lincoln

You got investments
And a secret lover
Someone cool who won't,
Blow your cover

The kinda girl who never gets uptight
The kinda girl who stays out all night

Ain't no joke
I'm gonna pull your coat
Little Miss Such a Much

Your cellphone's ringing 'bout some business deals
Your friends all tell ya that "You're hell on wheels"

Your daddy's teachin' you to play the market
You drive a Porsche 'n' let some poor punk park it

Go to the office in your long jacket suit
One long fingernail to do some toot

Hang on baby
Gonna kick your crutch
You ain't no Such a Much

The boyzzz are drooling
And the girlzzz' tongues are waggin'
Don't know the difference 'tween
Talkin' or braggin'

One little wiggle opens up any door
You're never shy to say "I want some more"

Won't give your common friends the time-a-day
Those little people they just get in your way

Don't look now
Gonna' give ya the brush
Little Miss Such a Much

High as a kite
Low as a snake
You need a fix
Until you catch a break

Your lipstick's red and your blood is blue
Think everything has to do with you

Look out baby
Gonna kick your crutch
Little Miss Such a Much
Hang On baby
Gonna kick your crutch
Little Miss Such a Much
Heads up baby
Gonna kick your crutch
Little Miss Such a Much

another well done tune man, great guitar, still love the chops, like the "jump" to this one.

Nice groove right from the jump. Kind of a "Doctor Hook" feel to it. Nice work on the guitar. All in all very well done.

loved this blues rock track , great groove , loved the waits style vocal. cool lead guitar and music. very enjoyable.
one of the best this one.

Lyrics Tony DiPofi Music Tony DiPofi, Tim Haak
Producer Tony DiPofi Performance Tony DiPofi - Vox, Tim Haak - Guitar

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