Just In Case

Story Behind The Song

A Memorial Day song about a soldier who dies in battle before he is able to meet his newborn son.

Song Length 4:29 Genre Folk - Americana, Folk - Contemporary
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Heartbreaking Subject Pride, Armed Forces
Language English Era 2000 and later


We packed for a sad picnic
On a cloudy Memorial Day
And headed out to see you

brought some flowers in a vase

Grandma said
Take a few umbrellas
It may rain

probably won't need them
But better take them

Just in case

When you hit that beach
You were older than
The others
Your wife had baby on the way

some of the younger fellas
Looked up to you
Said they'd buy you a beer or two
If they
made it back. - to the states

Can't be sure of anything these days
And the enemies we have to face
So have a prayer on your lips
And a lucky penny in your pocket
Just in case

Had a picture in your Marine jacket
Of mom in wedding lace
KA Bar knife on your belt
You carried

Just in Case

They found a funny
you drew
With the Caption. "Our Kid "
Of a crying baby's face
With a note you wrote
And tucked inside
your helmet

Just in case

It's said Haha How you like my drawing Honey ?
Don't worry
Everything will be alright
I'll just
Stick this note in my helmet
For now. And I'll
Finish it when I get back tonight

I said a prayer
For you Dad
I know you don't need it
Where you are
Hangin out with your buddies
Way up in heaven
when I pray you don't seem so far

and I thought it was befitting
To someone so brave
And there's a good chance
You might hear it
And bring
a smile to your face

Anyway I did it
Said the best prayer
I could pray
Theres a chance you might hear it
So I said
just in case

Dad it's me your son
And wanted to let you know
We haven't forgotten you
And that we still love you so

Anyway I said it
Said the best prayer
I could pray
Theres a good chance
You might hear it
So I sent it on its way

Yeah I sent it to you
Just in Case

I sent it


May 29th - 2017
Music - Doug Sies ASCAP
Lyrics - Tony DiPofi BMI .

Lyrics Tony DiPofi Music Doug Sies
Producer Doug Sies Performance Tony DiPofi, Doug Sies, Mark Gilmore
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