In Pace Requiescat

Story Behind The Song

Satans constant re-emergence and resurrection.

Song Description

Lucifer's lament.

Song Length 3:03 Genre Blues - Chicago, Unique - Avant garde
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, Disturbed Subject Hell, General
Similar Artists Tom Waits, The Animals Language English
Era 2000 and later


I died in the street with some vagrant disciples,
I stepped on the back of a Copperhead Snake,
I's raised from the dead by the quick Hand of Glory,
Baptized and branded in a fiery lake the last thing I remember, they was standing over me and they said


I walked in the heat of a Lush, verdant garden
I lied in the shade of some apple tree
I almost got away with sampling logic,

but how waz I to know
they waz watchin me
the last thing I remember they waz
throwin dirt in on me and they said


I swam in a sea of green eyed glances,
I swam in a sea of lubricity,
I almost got away with sampling sweet madness,
but how was I to know they waz watchin me,
The last thing I remember they waz sayin prayers over me and they said,

de profundis

I flew in the sky with pennies and diamonds,
I fell from the clouds on black leaden wings,
I soared through the stars with sinister notions,

But how waz I to know they waz keepin an eye on things,
The last thing I remember they waz standing over me and they said

ego non baptizo te in nomine patris sed in nomine diaboli

In Pace Requiescat is a great bluesy type song that would fit in many film situations from TV series to movies after a few minor adjustments by the engineer in the studio. The feel of this song is just right for placement in an open spot of a TV series or upcoming movie. Hope that you, Tony, master this down with a few of my suggestions as in my opinion sent to you on comments. Remember songs are like a diamond and needs just a hint of polishing to shine even brighter which your song In Pace Requiescat really can do. Appreciate you allowing me to review your great work on this song and hope to get more song products from you in the future to do the same.

Nice Howlin Wolf style vocal.good recording

love the hip quality of the vocalist's delivery style on this track. could definitely hear this as a theme song of a made for tv series like Rectify or Sons of Anarchy or The Bridge or Longmire or Ray Donovan. This are the kinds of listings I'd recommending pushing it for.

Really liked the singer's voice - wanted to hear it telling more of the story but was completely overwhelmed by the balance of the rest of the mix. For this group the singer's got to carry the load and it just seemed to me like the rest of the band wanted to compete.

"In Pace Requiescat" is a very cool song reminiscent of something that might be used in a Tarantino movie. Poetic lyrics and swampy vibe will leave you wanting to hear more. Check it out the song!

cool lyrics style and theme to this blues song. complete with a cool vocal style full of character

Lyrics Tony DiPofi Music Tony DiPofi
Producer Tony DiPofi and Patrick Bodell Performance Tony DiPofi, Patrick Bodell, Jimmy Voegeli, Erik Madsen
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