Take My Breath Away

Song Description

Tale of unrequited love

Song Length 3:52 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Lullaby
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Moving, Endearing Subject Unrequited Love, Searching for Love
Similar Artists John Lennon, The Moody Blues Language English
Era 2000 and later


Take My Breath Away
Tom Redmond
© 2006

I see your photograph, a vision trapped in time
I face I?ve grown to love, now summer sun will shine and skies are very blue
And now I find myself, wishing back the years
And I am young again and all my hopes and fears are playing soft and true


And you take my breath away
Time is real when spent with you, I treasure every day
Make it real, take my breath away
Make my dream, take my breath away

I see your photograph, a window to the past
A different point of view, when dreams where meant to last, a kiss would see me through
And now I think I hear, a melancholy tune
The summer?s warm embrace, we?d lie beneath the moon a dream I made for two

Repeat Chorus

I see your photograph, we walk along the beach
But now I dream again, that goals too high to reach, you don?t see me at all
And now I hear again, the promise that I made
I won?t fall in love this time, but now it?s much too late and I will take the fall

Repeat chorus

Lyrics Tom Redmond Music Tom Redmond
Producer Tom Redmond
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