Too Tall Boogie

Song Length 4:30 Genre Rock - Americana


Too Tall Boogie
I got a little girl she 5 foot 2
Stands on a chair and hollers woo woo
She do the too tall boogie x2
Boogie woogie all night long

Hey little girl I got good news
I can love you Sunday and Monday too (chorus)

I'm six feet standin' seven lyin' down
I sleep in the kitchen with my feet in the hall (ch)

I'll love you all summer, winter, fall
I'll love you just as long as I am tall (chorus)

My little girl says I'm too tall
Well I ain't tall just long that's all (chorus)

She like me tall she like me sweet
She like me best in my stockin' feet (chorus)

Lyrics R. Wiegel Music R. Wiegel

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