Darlington Flood

"Goin' Up North" with Jimmy Voegeli

Clay St. Rag

You Can't Unring A Bell

This Town Needs Rock

Pecatonica Mud

Do Anything To Get Your Love

First Mistake (lyric video)

Walkin' On The Edge Of The Promised Land

Bad Luck Bad Livin'


Mad About You-Mamas Benefit 2007

The Midwesterners "Get Rhythm" Willy St. Fair 2011

"Crazy Things" Kristy & The Wild Blue Yonder Boys-Potts Inn 1985

The Winter Of '96

A Midwesterners Rockin' Christmas

Ridin With Chuck


Keep It Alive

Dark Tavern Blues

Guitar Problem

Guitar Rag

Ridin With Chuck Solo version

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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