Walkin' On The Edge Of The Promised Land

Song Length 4:30 Genre Rock - Americana


Walking On The Edge Of The Promised Land

Walkin' on the edge of the promised land
Used to be someone lend you a hand
Now they don't seem to care no more
The rich get rich and the poor get poor

I feel and I cry for the common man
Walkin' on the edge of the promised land x2

What happened to the farmer working his land
What happened to the union making a stand
What happened to the jobs gone across the sea
What happened to the stores down on main street


Mr. Ceo how much you need
You work your people 'till their fingers bleed
You push so you can buy another boat
While the workin' man can't stay afloat


Now you better be smart and you better be strong
And I learned some things bein' here so long
If I know one thing if I know just this
I'd rather serve the poor than serve the rich


Lyrics R. Wiegel Music R. Wiegel

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