World Travel With A Funky Beat

Story Behind The Song

I originally wanted to do an instrumental with a Motown style bass, and drums, groove. Once I had it, I was just toying around and wanted to put something different, and unique, to go with the rhythm. So I added, of all things, an accordion playing polka. I just like how the two worlds of Motown groove, and polka, clicked. Then it hit me.....add more sounds from around the world, and make the theme World Travel With A Funky Beat.

Song Description

I know you're gonna dig this. Take a worldwide plane ride with this funky beat. The trip has the Motown bass and drums providing a groove to start the trip. First we make a brief stop in Africa with African Percussion. Then it's off to a little bit of Bavarian Polka. Next on the itinerary is Spanish guitar, followed by Cuban piano. And after that it's Trip Hop vibes, and then me make a stop in China to hear the Chinese guitars. Then we relax in Hawaii. We circle back around to North America and spend time with the Native Americans. We head down to the Caribbean, and then we jet set over to Scotland and Ireland. As we start approaching the end of the world travel, we head to India, and the Middle East. Then we return to the USA for some hip hop scratching in New York City, and we end the trip back in Motown. Watch your step as you exit the plane and thank you for choosing studiokaycee airlines.

Song Length 3:20 Genre World - World Beat, R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits, Delighted Subject General, General
Similar Artists Motown Funk Brothers Language English
Era 2000 and later
Lyrics N/A Music Kirkland A. Cole
Producer Kirkland A. Cole Publisher Kirkland A. Cole
Performance Kirkland A. Cole Label Kirkland A. Cole

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