Hitit (The New York City Spanish Harlem Remix)

Story Behind The Song

This song is a remix of my original song called "Hitit". When I did my original, for a school project, I wanted to do something I felt was different. Most of the "kids" in my class were doing hip hop beats. And me being from the old school, I wanted to do something I felt was retro back to the days of Funk and Soul. When I completed the original, without even telling my instructor the genre, he immediately said it was a throwback to the 70's. BINGO!!! I got the desired effect. When I played it for family, and friends, once again I got the desired effect. A light went on and I decided to polish the original, take it from being a school project, and officially release it for fun. Which brings us to this remixed version. After some thought, wanted to do more and then I extended the original, and paid homage to my old neighborhood of Spanish Harlem.

Song Description

I know you're gonna dig this. The music is a cool throwback to the 70's style funk and soul. It captures the soulful bass and guitar, and is complemented by the horn section that gives the music that bright, upbeat sound. The keyboards, and rhythm section of drums, bongos, and congas round things out with the bumping beat that will have your head nodding. I threw in a touch of flutes to give it that groovy old style Soul flavor. It notably reminds me the sounds that used to rock the airways in the 70's, I wanted it to take me back to the sounds I used to hear when I used stroll through my old neighborhood of Spanish Harlem

Song Length 4:23 Genre R & B - Soul, R & B - Funk
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood In High Spirits, Jovial Subject Instruments, General
Similar Artists Average White Band, Earth Wind & Fire Language No Language
Era 1970 - 1979

I Love the movie soundtrack feel.

Really started to enjoy the track around 1:27 and like the section you go into up until 1:50 ish. Overall the sounds seem like they were well recorded and the sections work well together.I like the percussion i.e. conga's and the bass line is funky.

Music Kirkland A. Cole Producer Kirkland A. Cole
Publisher Kirkland A. Cole Performance Kirkland A. Cole
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