She's The One

Story Behind The Song

The song says it all.

Song Description

Very light hearted and unique tune, hard to categorize. Rock, folk, or pop could all be used to ?kind-of? describe it. Fun and entertaining to listen to, with an upbeat catchy chorus.

Song Length 3:10 Genre Folk - Rock, Country - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Sociable, In High Spirits Subject Falling in Love, Marriage
Language English Era 2000 and later


It all started way back when,
Back in ninety-nine or so.
Blue eyes, blonde...oh dear lord,
Need I say anything more.
My eyes just took one look
And sunk my heart right where it stood.
Could she be the one for me?
Well it turned out yes she could.

She?s the one and she will always be
No one could ever take her place
She?s the one who sets my heart free
In this non stop rat race

Well here I am, I?m just a man,
And I?ve failed even though I?ve tried.
And though she could have left long ago,
She stayed right by my side.
So with these words, and with this tune,
Well I hope that it gets right through,
That I will never love, or want,
Anyone else but you.

You?re the one and you will always be
No one will ever take your place
You?re the one who sets my heart free
In this non stop rat race

Lyrics Steven Gunvaldson Music Steven Gunvaldson
Producer Steven Gunvaldson Performance Steven Gunvaldson
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