Rag Doll

Story Behind The Song

i personally have never been through a abusive relationship as achild or young adult. But i was moved to write a song that tried to capture how it might feel, in hopes to reach people who have been through horrible things themselves.

Song Description

This song talks about the feelings of a abused child or person, who grows to know and ultimately express the only thing they know....Abuse!!

Song Length 5:00 Genre Folk - Rock, Unique - Unclassified
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Depressing, Cool
Subject Pain, Dysfunctional Family Language English
Era 2000 and later


Left behind in thought and in deed,
In a wilderness of hurt the heart bleeds.
A loving word or touch is never shown,
And in their heart they?ve never known
Anything of gladness, only but a hard shell,
Living in their world of a self contained hell.
Hopelessness is the end of their plight
In a wilderness of days surrounded by the night.

Broken rag doll,
Tear off her arms and legs
And watch her fall,
Pain is life, life is pain it?s the truth.
Teach it to them cause it?s been taught to you.

A hand that strikes a tongue that cuts will take its toll,
Embedding scars deep in the soul.
Loads of pain you feel dwell inside
So you lock the door and you reside,
King and queen of your own world and now you begin
To shut those doors, you won?t be hurt again,
As a fence of bitterness keeps you out of reach
You?ll remember these lessons and one day you?ll teach.

Broken rag doll
Tear off her arms, and legs and watch her fall.
Pain is life, life is pain this is your truth,
Teach it to them cause it was taught to you.

Jesus if you?re out there,
Why does this pain embrace my soul?
And Jesus, if your real,
Why don?t you tell this pain to let go?

Broken rag doll,
I?ll mend your arms and legs
And I?ll watch you stand tall.
Pains in life, yes this is true,
But I?ve healed many and I can heal you.
I?ve healed many and I will heal you,
I?ve healed many will you let me heal you?

Lyrics Steven Gunvaldson Music Steven Gunvaldson
Producer Steven Gunvaldson Performance Steven Gunvaldson
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