i am stretched on your grave

Story Behind The Song

i always wanted to sing something from my roots, a version of the traditional irish lament but with a contemporary twist

Song Description

i am stretched on your grave is an anonymous 18th century irish poem and is a staple of irish folk singers. we wanted to give it a contemporary feel

Song Length 2:42 Genre Folk - Alternative, Folk - Rock
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Sorrow Era 2000 and later

This song would make a great movie soundtrack song. Lyrics are melodic and poetic. Nice combination of the folk genre with a modern touch. Reminds me of music chosen for a period drama. Instrumentation creates a nice feel of haunting and longing, that would work great in a historical movie or fantasy. Makes me think of something like "King Arthur".

Nice job. Vocals have an unusual, pleasant sound - and I mean that in a very positive way. Words are beautiful. I would listen to this song on a relaxing weekend morning. The arrangement is good, the wording is powerful, and the music is very pleasing to the ear. Well done.

What an interesting, creative piece of work! High marks for lyrical originality. Haunting and sad, this is a lover's lament if I understood it right. It's a poem set to song. Sometimes that works, and sometimes it doesn't. This time it works, and works very well. Word pictures are abundant. Emotional performance is believable and effective. This has almost a Celtic sound. The last line is a killer. With you in your grave, I cannot keep warm. WOW. Like I said, amazing and so creative and powerful.

This track has a gospel prayer kind of feel to it. with a touch of r & b. nice sound quality very pro sound. sounds like a modern take on a traditional folk/gospel song.
nice harmony and vocal and musicaly subtle.

Very intriguing song and arrangement. Beautiful lyrics and voice. Great stereo spread and mix. Shakers sound great. Guitars are nasty and when that hip hop break came in I was like "Oh Yea!!" . Awesome song! I wanna see this live!

Nice haunting feel to this one. Great use of the different instruments, coming in and out at various points in the song
Has an old time backwoods mystic vibe.

Music nik antonatos

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