11. Yes You Should Weep (Folk/Starburst)

Song Length 3:00 Genre Unique - Soundtracks, Pop - Easy Listening



He's third world and poor he needs food and more
He's suffering the pain of disease he can't name
A child of just six, this life he didn't pick
His parents both lost while he pays the cost

I'm drowning in tears thru all of my fears
His life soon cut short unless that he's got
The help that he needs, i'm begging you please
Reach down, reach deep and yes you should weep.

His sister is five just barely alive
We've got to accept, we must intercept
Let's get this thing done, we can help someone
I've looked and I've seen we share the same dreams

(repeat chorus)

He is our son, she is our daughter
We're one in this world, all sisters and brothers,
If they lived next door, you'd understand
Don't wait till they're gone to offer your hand.

(repeat chorus)

Good vocal, nice range. Pretty song

Beautiful music with an equally beautiful vocal. From the heart.

Lyrics Folk/Starburst Music Folk/Starburst
Producer Folk Publisher Folk/Starburst
Performance Folk Label Starburst Records
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