Not much

Song Description

Blue collar man/living song

Song Length 5:19 Genre Rock - Hard Rock, Rock - Classic
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Similar Artists Led Zeppelin
Language English


Late in the early morning, sunrise burns the last of night
All alone I fight myself, so hard to tell what's wrong from right
All my dreams have crumbled to the ground
In a thunder but never made a sound

Not much, all I've ever known
Sweet lady take me far away
Slow grind, fingers to the bone
Fortune and time slipped by today
And my dreams in, pieces on the ground
And I'm screaming, but noone hears the sound

Not much on pricey things, no diamonds, golden rings but I'm alive
Not much on wine or fancy clothes, not much what I need to survive
Tell whoever's on the telephone I'm going home
I'm going home

I'm going home

Lyrics Sonny Garcia Music Sonny Garcia
Performance Swamp Lords

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