Song Length 5:15 Genre Rock - Classic
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Language English Era 2000 and later



Farewell to misery, goodbye rain
End of all the winter blues, psychologic pain
No more cabin fever, blinding snowy days
Break these chains and set me free, free to fly away
Sunrises SUNSETS Multi color painted skies SOUTHWEST
Sunglasses SUNDRESS Skin of mocha caramel
I must confess
I love the heat of Arizona (ARIZONA)

Hello to scorpions, coyotes, rattlesnakes
Desert demon microburst's, engulfed in dusty wakes
Mirrored roads of heated waves, moonlit seas of sand
Saguaros reaching for the sky, decorate the land
Sun shining RED ROCK Rays that lick my thirsty skin SO HOT
Sun devils SUNBURNED Warmest summer evenings
One thing I've learned
I love the heat of Arizona (ARIZONA)

I look across the canyon, feet upon the rim
The mighty Colorado, the seventh wonder, wonder where I've been

Night riding SALOONS
Stars that shoot across the sky FULL MOON
No freezing NO SWEAT
Breathless precious mountain views, got no regrets
I love the heat of Arizona (ARIZONA)

Apache Hopi Navajo (ARIZONA)
Nacho jalapenos (ARIZONA)
Year round barbecues (ARIZONA)
Siestas in the afternoon (ARIZONA)
Muy Caliente

Lyrics Sonny Garcia Music Sonny Garcia
Producer Sonny Garcia Performance Sonny Greeneyes

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