Long black train

Song Length 4:49 Genre Blues - Delta, Blues - Rock
Subject Trains


Long Black Train

Yes I had an awful dream, Real or so it seems
Woke up in a cold cold sweat
Marched through desert plains, My hands were bound in chains
Time had come to pay my debt
Yeah I was going straight to hell
Ridin' on that long black train

The conductor's eyes were red, he smiled at me and said
Welcome aboard the 7734
Further on down the tracks, The sun was setting black
The whistle blew an evil roar
They were taking me to hell
Courtesy of the long black train
Yeah I was going straight to hell
Ridin' on that long black train

Wake me up, hold me in your arms
Tell me it was just a crazy dream
What must I have done, I just can't recall
Demons are getting the best of me

I saw a banshee, fly across a blood red sea
As fire licked the red hot rails
My neck bound in noose, well I could not break loose
Last stop at El Diablo's jail

Yeah they punched me a one way ticket
Ridin' on that long black train

Lyrics Sonny Garcia Music Sonny Garcia
Producer Sonny Garcia Publisher Sonny Garcia

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