Learning To Fly

Story Behind The Song

Built on the foundation of a day spent staring at the clouds as they passed overhead on s San Diego beach.

Song Description

Learning to fly is a journey of possiblities unleashed by psychedelic influences. Not merely some drug addled dreams but the unlocking of the mind's potential through the opening of doors and the expansion of the thought process.

Song Length 4:18 Genre Rock - Funk
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Ecstatic, Welcoming Subject Dairy, Land
Language English Era 2000 and later


Learning to Fly

Hey little boy, what?s that that your daddy?s made for you
To learn about the stars and sky so blue
To find out that there?s not much you can do
The choices have been made for you to choose
If twelve don?t make a dozen
And your head it won?t stop buzzin?
Your thoughts won?t straighten out for you
I?m learning to fly
To set my spirit up to the sky
I know my soul can soar if I just try
I don?t need to leave the ground to learn to fly
Sailin?, set my course on an ocean of powder blue
Drifting cotton islands always new
Wondering just what your supposed to do
There are no rules here for me or you
Shaking hands with angels
On a ghost ship to the sun
Wondering if on earth they?re missing you
Ch (with you and you?re)
I?m leavin?, discover if there?s anything out there
Wondering if they?ll like my hair
Wondering if they?ll even care
Don?t think I see your daddy anywhere
Swallow hard to keep it down
To keep your thoughts unclear
We?re heading out for charts unknown but
We?ve got nothing to fear
Ch (with we and we?re)

Lyrics Rob Jenkins Music Rob Jenkins
Producer Rob Jenkins/Mike Formenti Publisher Rob Jenkins/Mike Formenti
Performance Something Else Label Quilted Fish Records
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