Lesson For Today

Story Behind The Song

I was at a period in my life when I was trying to blame everyone and everything for my problems. This song was my way of telling myself to get over it and start taking charge of my life.

Song Description

This song is a philosophical look at the gaines and losses of life and basically points out that, in the end, you are the only person that is restricting yourself.

Song Length 4:03 Genre Rock - General
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic Subject Desert
Language English Era 2000 and later


Lesson for Today

She came into being, walked into the sea
The water came and washed her soul away
I heard somebody cry, ?She?s far too young to die.?
Tomorrow might not come for today

And I can?t tell the future but it seems to want to say
?I?ve given you this lesson for today.
You take it or you leave it ?cause I don?t really care.
You?re the only one that?s in your way.?

A thought came from the gray, the wind pushed it away
Borne upon the sails of the past
A ship we thought was lost, brought back but what the cost
The feeling that we had is fading fast


Jenny can you save me? I feel I?m coming down
The high just doesn?t seem to last
You?ve given me the reason to look beyond today
And step into tomorrow from the past

Ch x 2

Lyrics Rob Jenkins Music Rob Jenkins
Producer Rob Jenkins/Mike Formenti Publisher Rob Jenkins/Mike Formenti
Performance Something Else Label Quilted Fish Records
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